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What We Do

MultiPie is a Nottingham based mobile application development consultancy. We use our wealth of experience and expertise to develop high quality mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

We’re dedicated to creating high quality software for a wide range of uses. From games to interactive brochures, maps to networking, smartphones to tablets. Whatever your company is looking for, we can make it happen.

We will guide you through the app building process from conception through to launch day and beyond.

Our Latest Apps

  • bannez 1024Choose from hundreds of banners, or make your own, and they`ll scroll on your phone- but start waving it and something magic happens! The banner appears to stay almost still whilst you wave! Stop waving and it`ll start scrolling again! Control the speed of the scroll by swiping the screen.

    You can also download free and paid banner packs from the Bannez store or create your own from within the app.

    Designed and built for Neustro


  • spectating_ipadair2_silver_rightThree mobile applications to help make rowing and sculling more engaging for crews/coaches, spectators and boat clubs.

    Spectators can follow events, clubs or specific crews. They can opt-in for notifications about racing & when the crews are within 100m of their position.

    Crews can indicate their entry to events, track their races & follow other crews. Replay data with 500m splits & fades. Sync with other crew members.

    The boat club can manage their events & send notifications using their iPad version. You can also connect to a large screen to show RowApp live data.

    Designed and Built for Rowing Applications

  • mtc

    A practical iPad app designed to co-ordinate between precision laser measuring equipment and industrial manufacturing tools. The app allows the engineer to wirelessly take and view measurements and control the equipment from anywhere in the workshop.

    This app serves as a proof of concept for the development of precision manufacturing tools and software.

    This app is not available for public download.

    Designed and built for the Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry.

  • secret_messageA great new way to send hidden messages to your friends and family. Make messaging a puzzle with this unique, fun and easy to use app. Simply type in your message and send it to your friends in a word search for them to solve. With multiple difficulty levels, shapes and time limits Secret Message will keep you hooked with its endless possibilities. You can send your messages via Facebook or email and it’s a great way to stay in touch for all ages. Download Secret Message for free now on iPhone and iPad.

    Designed and built for David Weafer.

  • calibre_companionConnecting your Android device to calibre, made easy

    Calibre Companion (CC), recommended by calibre developers, is three applications in one:

    • a superb device-based calibre library organizer
    • a high-performance WiFi-based calibre device emulator
    • a calibre content server (web access) client

    For more information see our Frequently Asked Questions or the support forum.

  • spectrum_puzzlesFun for all the family

    Featured several times by Amazon, and was their 3rd highest rated game for two months.

    This is not your grandmother’s puzzle app (if indeed, your grandmother even has a smartphone). Spectrum features a wide variety of cool features. The basic object is to unscramble images by sliding pieces around the screen. The app comes preloaded with nearly 50 vibrant, high-quality images to put together. These images cover the “spectrum” from still-life photos and nature shots to buildings and machines.

    An interesting aspect of this app is that the puzzles are presented in order from easiest to most difficult. The first few will be child’s play, but you’ll probably be muttering to yourself as you gradually unlock and tackle the tougher ones. You can, however, choose four different sizes for each puzzle, ranging from 12 to 48 pieces. In addition to being able to pick the size of the puzzle, there are three difficulty settings: Easy, Medium, and Hard. These determine whether or not the pieces lock into place when you put them in the right spot, or if they show colored borders to make it even easier to place them. In this way, you can make it easier or harder on yourself.

    Get the Picture?

    The images included in the app are great, but it’s a lot more fun to use your own photos from your phone. Snap or select a picture of your friends or an interesting object, import it into the app, and boom–you’ve got a unique puzzle to complete. Therefore, the number of puzzles you can tackle in this app is unlimited.

    Other helpful features in the app are Reminders (so you can refresh your memory of what the final image looks like), pause, restart (reset and start over), and the ability to save your puzzle and come back later. Of course, you’ll get so hooked that you’ll probably never use this feature. Must. Finish. Puzzle!

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