Hi! We are MultiPie.

Hi! I’m Annie and I founded MultiPie Ltd in 2011 with my husband Steve.We build apps for Android, iPhones and iPads. We’re based at the Antenna Media Centre in the heart of Nottingham’s Creative Quarter. Here is a little bit about how MultiPie came to be.

Steve began programming our first app, Spectrum Puzzles, as a hobby in 2009. He upgraded his phone contract and got a smart phone running the then brand new Android operating system. Intrigued by the new Android Market (now Google Play) and the open source developer tools Steve decided to see what he could create.

Spectrum Puzzles was released onto the Android Market in early 2010. With Steve saying “I’ll be happy if it sells 100 copies”, it became a surprise success. In 2011 Spectrum Puzzles was featured as Amazon’s Free App of the Day and at its peak was selling 100 copies a day. It was then that Steve and I decided it was time to turn this success into a proper business.

I was a bit more deliberate in my plans to start a business and began making and selling my own textiles at local craft fairs and shops. When Steve asked me to design a few things for his game I reluctantly put down the sewing machine and picked up the computer. Now 2 and a half years on the sewing machine is gathering dust and I have never looked back!

To date we have developed over 15 apps both self funded and for business clients. We’ve developed everything from games to e-commerce and social media to most recently a precision manufacturing app for a large engineering company.

In July we successfully applied for N’Tech funding which allowed us to hire our first full time employee. Over the next 12 months we plan to grow MultiPie further. We hope to soon hire our second full time employee and are looking for lots more interesting projects to get involved in.