Tech Nottingham: Android V iOS- Fight!

This month we’ve taken a little break from the blog to prepare and present an actual talk. Steve and Dave did an excellent job presenting the pros and cons of the iOS and Android development platforms.

They first presented some of the main features of both platforms and debunked a few myths along the way. They then ran a practical session giving the audience the opportunity to make their own app.

Steve and Dave presenting

After a little wrangling with Eclipse, one of the Android development programs, two teams presented their prototypes and a winner was announced.

TechNott winnersWell done to and  the winning coders

Since I (Annie) was probably the only non-programming mind in the room I thought I would occupy myself coming up with a design for the prototype app.

tech nottingham app

Many thanks to Tech Nottingham for inviting us along to talk, hope everyone found the evening useful. If you missed the talk and are interested in learning a little more about mobile app development stay in touch, we will post up an abridged version over the next few weeks.

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