Practical Steps Towards Diversity


Each month the Tech Nottingham meetup is held at Antenna (the business hub where MultiPie is based). It’s an opportunity for all those working in software around Nottingham to get together and discuss all things tech. Joining the speakers this month was Jessica Rose. Jessica is a self-taught technologist and founder of Birmingham based meetup group Open Code. She joined us for the evening to speak about “Practical Steps Towards Diversity”. Jessica spoke about the importance of opening up discussions about diversity in the tech industry and how we, small groups and individuals, can work towards fixing inequality in the sector.

Since I had attended a Nottingham University seminar a few weeks back (see my previous post) that discussed how large groups like the Women’s Organisation are seeking to increase equality in entrepreneurship, it was great to follow that up by hearing how individuals and smaller groups can support change locally.

Jessica’s talk was very practical and offered simple, everyday tips for how we can change tech culture a little bit at a time. Jessica outlines all the steps she covered in her talk in her blog post- Practical Steps to a More Diverse Meetup. If you’d like to see more diversity in your company, community or meetup give it a read!