Joining the team

It’s a good time to be a mobile app developer. Many companies in Nottingham are hiring, and there’s a wide variety of roles available. We have a good relationship with the other companies in Nottingham, and I’d like to take a moment to explain how our role is different from those elsewhere. There are three main differences:

  1. Our work gives you greater variety
  2. Our company is smaller
  3. We’re awesome

Ok, the other Nottingham companies are awesome too, but the first two points are very relevant.

Unlike most companies, we aren’t working on a single monolithic software project; there’s no core product that you would focus the majority of your time on. Instead, we take on bespoke work for a variety of clients and tend to start new projects every couple of months. The constant flux of work is exciting, and allows us to work closer to the edge of new technology. After all, a new project doesn’t have years’ worth of users who need to be supported on older versions of Android or iOS, or who are entrenched in their expectations of how the app should look and feel.

Working on many smaller projects also means that we don’t have an existing large codebase that needs to be learned or that’s been maintained by different people over long periods of time. That means less legacy code, and new projects can start with a clean slate such as being written in Swift from day one or using different/better libraries. That’s not to say we don’t have any large projects – we do, and we highly value the long-term relationships we’ve developed with clients such as MedShr – but we place a large emphasis on making sure we get a variety of work.


Ours being a smaller company also changes the work dynamic. Our developers have easy access to our clients; there aren’t multiple layers of management between. This also means they have closer access to the end-users. For example, the apps we’ve made for Games Workshop tend to be downloaded by the public within hours of their final sign off, which in turn brings customer feedback to shape the following day’s work.

As we’re a smaller company, there is also a much greater opportunity for new team members to have an impact on how the company is run. Getting everyone’s input, when required, is simple as everyone can be involved in the discussion. This is especially true with our current vacancy for a development team leader, as we are actively seeking someone to help shape the team, including training and future hires.

If this sounds like the role for you, take a look at our job vacancy and email your CV to