MultiPie is now on hold

MultiPie is now on hold; we are no longer taking new projects and are in the process of wrapping up all existing client projects. I will keep Calibre Companion iOS going, though it is now an evenings & weekends project.

To explain, Annie and I are expecting our first child in January. We originally planned to keep MultiPie going while she was on leave, but that plan changed after discussion with the team. We mutually decided it would be a good time for everyone to find new jobs, and I’m pleased to say that all our employees found a new job within a few short weeks. This means it’s back to being just Annie and me, but she’s now on maternity leave and I’ll be following suit soon with paternity leave.

We had a really good run with MultiPie, having made over the years more than 40 bespoke apps for a multitude of clients. We’ve even had to turn work away during the last couple of months while I wound up our existing projects. We sponsored the Tech Nottingham Christmas Party earlier this month as a way of thanking the community for how much they’ve helped us over the last five years. Annie and I certainly intend to stay part of the tech scene here in Nottingham, so while MultiPie may be on hold, we will still be around!