Who’s working on Calibre Companion?

The question of who’s working on Calibre Companion (CC) comes up frequently, so I’d like to write this quick post to answer the question. The original Android version was written by Charles Haley and me, Steve Haley, in mid-2012. Charles has been working on it on his own since then, and most of CC’s success is down to his efforts over the last few years.

We were frequently asked about making an iOS version, and finally in mid-2016 I started work on that. Charles doesn’t have an iPhone or a Mac, and thus he wasn’t involved. At the time, MultiPie (my company) had a few employees, and they worked on it with me. However, as explained elsewhere, they have moved on to new jobs and I’m the only one left working on iOS CC. It’s an evenings or weekends project for me, since it’s not my full time job.

So, if you’re posting on our support forum on Mobile Read, that’s why you’ll sometimes get an answer from him and sometimes from me. We made sure to base the iOS version heavily on the Android one which is why Charles can often help, even without having seen the iOS app.