Our vision is to be one of the leading bespoke app development companies and a place where people love to work. To achieve this, we deliver quality apps and supporting software, on time and on budget. We will grow sustainably, focusing on long term mutually beneficial partnerships. We are passionate about our industry and keep up to date with the latest technology. The apps we build express this passion and knowledge. We have a fun place to work as we support the environment that allows developing software to be creative and fulfilling.



1) We do well by our clients: our service is reliable and we deliver what we say we will when we say we will.

2) We are personable: We build relationships with clients. We will understand their project and we are excited about what they are trying to do. We will endeavour to explain things in a way that they understand and do not expect them to accept technical terminology without question.

3) We are honest: We are transparent in our processes. We will not cover up or ignore problems, over-sell ourselves, or “blag” our way through things. We price our projects honestly based on how much work is involved; we do not pad out quotes with unnecessary extras.

4) We take pride in our workmanship: We don’t publish anything until it meets our high standards and has been thoroughly tested, and we always offer on-going support. We don’t compromise the quality of our work by trying to undercut our competitors.

5) We are innovative: We are always improving our processes and using the latest tools and technologies. We are passionate about our industry and our work, and build a wide variety of apps.

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Steve Haley

Lead Developer

Steve began programming our first app, Spectrum Puzzles in 2009. Intrigued by the then new Android Market (now Google Play) and the open source developer tools, Steve decided to see what he could create. Since then he’s become an expert in mobile development, and with his background studying engineering and maths at Nottingham University there’s nothing he can’t program.

Android and iOS developer

Annie Haley

Lead Designer

With a BA in costume and set design from Nottingham Trent, Annie has always had a creative mind. After Steve asked her to create a user interface for Spectrum Puzzles, Annie discovered a passion for digital design and since then has been dedicated to crafting beautiful apps.


Adam Mitchell


Adam joined MultiPie in June 2014. He studied Computer Science at Lincoln University. During his studies he worked with Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and will be working alongside Steve in app development.


Michael Purdy

Senior Programmer

We are delighted to welcome Michael to the development team. His profile will be added soon.


Jamie Lord

Graduate Programmer

We’re delighted to welcome Jamie, the newest member of our development team. More information about Jamie will be here soon.

This video gives a bit of a background of how MultiPie started and some of the early projects we worked on. It was filmed in Spring 2013. Since this video was made, we have achieved our goals of working on creative apps, established ourselves firmly as iOS developers and worked with clients from all across the country.